Wednesday, 24 October 2012


From: Ottawa, ON Canada
Made up words: Hardcore and Powerviolence
Internets: tumblr includes streaming tracks, videos, show listings, and general info

PREGNANCY SCARES (which I "unhilariously" call "the preggos") is another of my favourite 3 Ottawa bands; as evidenced by the fact that this is the second post to this blog, and second band represented on that list.
They sound to me a whole lot like the ex CHARLES BRONSON band called DAS OATH, which I already mentioned above. This, is a great band to sound like, although a lot of what makes me like DAS OATH is not happening in this band. Eh, ok... well PREGNANCY SCARES is still a pretty great band. They've got a lot of creative guitar riffs going on throughout that sometimes sound like traditional rock and roll stuff, but at the last second veer off into an unexpected direction in terms of the last few notes, or weird tempo changes. This is what I like about DAS OATH I suppose, so maybe that stuff isn't absent, it's just not as relentless and up front. A lot of the lead guitar stuff seems to be played on one string, which gives it an interesting, ummm, twang that can't be born of power chords naturally. They play fast and settle into thumping breakdowns to give you a chance to bob your head in a reasonable way from time to time.
I don't want to start throwing in cliches like "blistering in your face hardcore punk rock n roll onslaught for dejected youth". I just don't. But... exactly that.
A lot of the Ottawa punx think this band is a bunch of hipsters. This would be a good time for me to point out the title of my blog. Punks LOVE to pretend they aren't hipsters. HOLY FUCK ARE PUNKS EVER A PERFECT FUCKING EXAMPLE OF THAT WORD A THIS POINT. It's not all mustaches, 3 wolf moon shirts, cocaine, and spandex. It's punk, powerpop, hardcore, techno, hip-hop, and every other sub-culture that flies just below the blade of pop. Who cares?
Anyways, these hipsters (at least one member has a mustache) are doing punk rock about a thousand times better than 3/4 of the punk bands in this city. So, fuck off.
They have a 7" that was recently released on Deranged, which is a label that rarely misses in my opinion (FUCKED UP, CAREER SUICIDE, BRUTAL KNIGHTS, and so on). They also have a demo tape, pictured above. Both are a great listen, but see the band live ASAP.
Here's a video they made in their basement. Some of the people in it are very pretty/handsome!

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