Wednesday, 24 October 2012


From: Ottawa, ON Canada
Members of: I can't remember. I'll fix this part later
Made up words: Pop-punk, post-emo, garbages
Internets: band camp includes streaming tracks, pictures, and links to all their other awesome social media

I hate this band a lot. To me they sound like the audio translation of balls. Like, they sound how balls look and smell. I hate 99% of this brand of, what I'm going to call "nu-pop-punk". Like, you know how nu-metal took metal and made it ugly and annoying?
Under "For fans of" I mentioned some bands. Really though, I imagine that the only people who like this band are their friends.
First of all, the vocals are fucking BRUTAL. Out of tune, awkwardly forced into place, and just generally ugly all over. It kind of sounds like one of the monster muppets. Like if the mahna mahna guy was way off key.The lyrics are annoying and predictable to me too.
Musically, I can imagine not hating this if the vocals were different, but I also don't hear anything interesting at all. The ever-present "nu" also stinks the joint up.
The singer did some solo stuff at one point and, I could be wrong here, but it always seemed to reek of someone with next to no talent believing and dreaming of making it big. Well, it ain't gunna happen. If you are doing your music for fun, it makes you happy, and it makes your friends happy, then great. Keep it up. If you think it's leading somewhere though, do yourself a favour, and just don't. Some people are born to be rock stars, and then there's you. The end.

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